2009. október 11., vasárnap

Quilt Festival - FALL 2009.

Here we go again...
Park City Girl is organizing the second Blogger's Quilt Festival. Go and check it out, and join! It is a great opportunity to virtually join a nice and growing community, and not to mention there are great prizes to win too.

My favorite quilt I decided to show you is the last one. I have not too many finished quilts, I have way too little time to sew, at least much less than I would like to.
This quilt is not too large, it is made as a wallhanging to cover and protect the wall behind the shoerack in the hall of my boyfriend's apartment.
Because of that it is made of quilte darc colors. First of all I do not want to wash it all the time, and second, it is ment to be in a male apartment, so flowers and such things are just out of question.
The reason this is my current favorite quilt is that the more I sew the braver I am. Meaning that even though I still only sew straight lines, the quilting is the most heaviest on this one I have ever made.
The recipient liked it a lot. Oh, and by the way... Funny thing is that I also showed a quilt I presented to my boyfriend on the Spring Quilt Festival... :)
Now after all this talk, here is a picture of the actual quilt.

5 megjegyzés:

Zonnah írta...

Very cool! What a lucky boyfriend :)

Carol írta...

Like it. Simple but striking.

Allie írta...

Beautifully done. It has a very warm, soft look to it.

ANudge írta...

Say that is a great quilt for a guy. Bet he loves it. Well done!

Lonci írta...

Szép munka, gratulálok:)