2009. április 19., vasárnap

Bloggers Quilt Festival

I have decided to join the "Bloggers Quilt Festival" too. I only have one real finished quilt, but I thought so what, this is just such a nice thing that Amy initiated I thought I cannot be left out. So please enjoy my one and only finished quilt, which is called Box quilt. It was made recently for my Boyfriend, and the design was chosen to mach his apartment.

Fabrics were ordered from the US to make the quilt top, and even though it is simple and probably one can find mistakes if one takes a close look at it, I am very proud. It inspired me to make new quilts, I am working on one for my Mom just now. I will show you the blocks soon, well, at least if you are interested.
I also thought that by joining this Festival I can make friends and exchange some ideas. Even though it seems very "official" I do hope that this will be the case. Practically this is why I also made this blog...

So please enjoy looking around, leave me a note if you feel like it (I would love to read your comments).